Monday, October 6, 2014

Formal notes: concerning the mind and its wanderings
The hiss of a tyre, the breath of a zephyr, the phrase 'under the cover of sleep,' insubstantial or passing in thought, or under the definition of matrix: (1)something within or from which something else originates, develops, or takes form; (2)a mold from which a relief surface is made.

...or consider, "An affecting: a telling image impressed on the senses or the mind. 2 the effect produced by impressing: as (a); a stamp, form, or figure resulting from physical contact (b): a communicating of a mold, trait, or character by an external force or influence. (c) one instance of the meeting of a printing surface and the material being printed; also: a single print or copy so made (d): all the copies (as of a book) printed in one continuous operation from a single makeready (e): an often indistinct or imprecise notion or remembrance." (Merriam- Webster Dictionary online)

"...or consider, In the poems' four "corners" there are telling images impressed by ink and transferred; something whose pictorial condition is supported by a page not given to reading but rather to vision, a page defined by its shape, its space, its condition as quadrilateral. The four corners of a sheet are more than a merely physical limit, they are a logical premise. They are the conditions of possibility, the logical relations of which a whole system can be derived, they construct a frame that both generates and contains a universe." ---Maurice Blanchot

untitled      cast:    plaster, traditional relief ink     10x12 inches  2014